Yes, I write under two names. But no matter the name, the story is always all mine.

I discovered my first romance novel at the age of twelve in a bargain bin at the local five and dime. It involved swashbuckling pirates having grand adventures on the open sea, a heroine with a mind of her own, and a seriously masterful hero who swept her away no matter how clever she was.

I was immediately smitten with romance and all the romantic themes I could get my hands on. (I still am.)

I had grand plans to star on Broadway – preferably in Evita, just like the great Patti LuPone. Sadly, my inability to wow audiences with my singing voice required a back up plan, so I launched myself into academics instead. This was not a good fit for someone who liked lounging about and reading books a lot more than dissecting them in classrooms, but it did allow me to live in England for half a decade, so I can’t complain.

Writing (and finishing!) my first book was a relief.  And actually publishing that book was one of the greatest thrills of my life.

Now I’m some 100 books in, I’m still a romance fanatic, it still thrills me to see my books on shelves, and yes, I’m still plotting my Broadway debut.

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Which URL should I use: or

Either! There is only one site, but like me, it answers to two names. I am using in my promotional materials, but whichever URL you use, it will get you to the info you are looking for. Magic!

I don’t read historicals. I’m not sure about your Vikings series…

The Edge books aren’t historicals. They’re set far in the future, after huge storms over the course of decades raised the sea level all over the world and sent what few people remained high into the hills for safety. My raiders are like Vikings in that they’re alpha warriors always ready for battle. They take over settlements when they like and always do as they please, sailing the treacherous seas from their island stronghold to rampage at will.

If anything, they’re like an outlaw biker club… but with swords (because guns are iffy after being underwater for decades), swift and deadly raider boats, their very own sense of honor, and a fierce, unswerving loyalty to their clan.

Why not try this excerpt of the first book in the series, Edge of Obsession, and see what you think?

Weren’t you supposed to be a professor?

I have some of the qualifications to be a professor, yes. Sometimes I even teach creative writing classes!

But the truth is that I went to graduate school because I wanted to spend my life reading and writing, and I thought academics were the way to do that. Which is true!

Academic engagement with texts, however, isn’t for me. I prefer squeeing like a fangirl and inarguably happy endings. I think it all worked out the way it should.

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