Aug 1, 2023 · Harlequin
· ASIN: B0CC4XY194

Unwrapping the Innocent’s Secret

(Manga edition of Unwrapping the Innocent’s Secret)

The person I love deeply and devote my life to turns out to be…

Pascal, a millionaire who works himself fingers to the bone and amasses enormous wealth. Now all he needs is a perfect marriage. In his search for the ideal wife, the smile of an angel he once met flashes across his mind.

Cecilia…an apprentice nun who saved him from an accident 6 years ago. He wonders how she is doing now that they were attracted to each other and made love…

Pascal, tingling with thoughts of the past, visits the monastery. Cecilia, on the other hand, stares at him as he suddenly appears. She blames him on taking everything from her, making her look forward to their future together and then suddenly disappeared.