Feb 25, 2025 · Tule Publishing · isbn:

United Kingdom

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The Cowboy's Secret Babies

( edition of The Cowboy’s Secret Babies)
Book 3 of the Careys of Cowboy Point

Ryder Carey has known Rosie Stark their whole lives, including one very hot night three years ago—but he’s always been about the rodeo. Finally back home and ready to make it up to her, he takes one look at Rosie—and her twin boys who look just like him—and realizes the truth.

When Rosie found out she was pregnant, she figured Ryder would at least come and say hello when he was home the next time so she could tell him. But he never did.

So she’s made her own life as a single mom, no thanks to him.

Now Ryder is back. And he has the nerve to be furious with her.

He’s determined to be a father to his kids—and more than happy to fight about it. In court if necessary. Or anywhere else, which feels a little too much like those sparks she remembers from Texas and wants nothing to do with now. Or does she?

Maybe she wants to fight with him…

But Ryder has a better idea: she could marry him instead.