Dec 6, 2013 · Mills & Boon · isbn: 978-0263900675

United Kingdom

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Not Just the Boss's Plaything

(English (UK) edition of Not Just the Boss’s Plaything)
Part of the Korovin Brothers

A very personal performance plan

From the moment Alicia Teller tripped and fell into Nikolai Korovin’s arms in a trendy London nightclub her iron-clad control started to slip. Their night of pure, unadulterated passion was strictly a one-off, so Alicia’s horrified to walk into the boardroom on Monday morning to find a very familiar pair of eyes staring back at her…

Nikolai finds his sleek composure ruffled on seeing Alicia. She injects a burst of colour into his cold, shadowed world, and her tantalising curves are driving him to distraction. But business and pleasure are not two things this legendary tycoon has ever mixed…until now!