Ty Everett

Story Told: Cold Heart, Warm Cowboy
Book 2 in the Cold River Ranch Series

What Ty remembers about his life is good enough: ranch family, bull-riding career, and sure, that terrible accident.

And maybe the other stuff has its dark sides too, this side of his mean, drink father’s death and his older brother’s determination to keep the ranch in the family. He can remember all of that well enough.  Too well.

It’s what he can’t remember that’s beginning to get to him.

Like beautiful Hannah Monroe, who make him feel things when he’s been numb and alone since the day he woke up in the hospital…

Likes: Whiskey, glory, and his own company. Okay, and maybe hers.

Dislikes: That two-year gap in his head.

Favorite Country Song: "Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound," Johnny Cash

Connected Characters: Hannah Monroe

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