Hannah Monroe

Story Told: Cold Heart, Warm Cowboy
Book 2 in the Cold River Ranch Series

Hannah worked hard to win the Miss Rodeo Forever crown two years running – something no other rodeo queen has ever done.

And she knew the rules her fierce mama laid down when she was still a girl.  No cowboys. No men at all, but particularly no cowboys.

But she never saw bull rider Ty Everett coming.

Eighteen months later, she’s come to Colorado to find him and sort out the wreckage.  She might have lost her crown, but she has something far more precious to protect these days – with or without the cowboy who broke her heart.

Likes: Rhinestones, too much mascara, and one stubborn cowboy, for her sins.

Dislikes: Lying, no-good cowboys. One in particular.

Favorite Country Song: Anything by Miranda Lambert, the bloodier, the better.

Connected Characters: Ty Everett

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