The Sicilian’s Forgotten Wife

Satisfyingly Spicy

Revenge is best served cold…
But their passion is red hot!

Innocent Josselyn Christie agrees to conveniently wed the infamously powerful Cenzo Falcone to please her beloved father. But she soon realizes her new husband has only one thing on his mind: revenge against her family!

Swept off to his remote Sicilian castle, Josselyn finds Cenzo arrogant, ruthless and dangerously compelling. But when an accident causes him to forget everything, the tables are turned. For this Cenzo wants her as she’s always dreamed, but will he feel the same once he remembers?

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The Sicilian’s Forgotten Wife

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I love my local indie bookstore, Rebel Heart Books. See if this book is available through them. Thanks!

Aug 24, 2021

ISBN: 9781335567970

The Sicilian’s Forgotten Wife

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