The Pleasure Contract

Book 1 in the Summer Seductions Series
Down & Dirty

It’s a contract that promises unbelievably sinful pleasures. But will she survive the dangerous fine print? Find out in USA Today bestselling author Caitlin Crews’s deliciously hot novel about signing on the dotted line… for sex!

It was like a reality show — one that academic Bristol March would never watch. “Tune in as mind-numbingly hot, New York glitterati billionaire Lachlan Drummond hires his next new girlfriend.” What woman in her right mind would sign up to be a man’s sex object? Which is exactly when Bristol learns that her sister has submitted her as one of Lachlan Drummond’s girlfriend candidates… and he wants her.

She never intended to consider it. But one glimpse of those gleaming, predatory blue eyes and that rangy athletic body, the truth is achingly clear. Bristol wants Lachlan Drummond with the same voraciously hungry need.

Now Bristol’s been thrust into Lachlan’s world of luxurious travel, high society, and unimaginable wealth. It’s a deal with a deliriously sexy devil who kisses her the way she’d always wanted to be kissed.Who consumes her. And all Bristol has to do is abide by the contract—and keep her heart locked down.

But what Lachland Drummond wants, Lachlan Drummond gets. And Bristol’s body is only the beginning…

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The Pleasure Contract
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The Pleasure Contract

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I love my local indie bookstore, Rebel Heart Books. See if this book is available through them. Thanks!
Temporary cover coming soon from Caitlin Crews

Apr 1, 2021

ISBN: 9780369702463

The Pleasure Contract

is currently available for pre-order in digital format only:

Not available in print

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