Dec 7, 2019 · Harlequin / SB Creative

The Billionaire’s Secret Princess

(Manga edition of The Billionaire’s Secret Princess)
Book 2 of the Scandalous Royal Brides

The princess is now the secretary of a very difficult man!

Princess Valentina was lamenting her arranged marriage with a royal from another country, so it felt like a miracle when she ran into another woman who looked just like her. After Valentina suggests the two of them switch places and enjoy each other’s lives for a while, the woman agrees. But as a secretary, Valentina is struggling. The work is more difficult than she imagined, and her boss, Achilles, is strict and uncompromising. But she’s determined to show him she can do it. Unaware that Achilles has already caught on to her true identity, can Valentina enjoy her freedom for this short time?