Apr 15, 2021 · Harlequin / SB Creative
· ISBN: 9784596026941
· ASIN: B09127FYRX

Greek’s Last Redemption

(Manga edition of Greek’s Last Redemption)
Book 2 of the Tsoukatos Brothers

Marriage to a millionaire is not the sweetest thing you’ve ever dreamed of…

On her travels to Santorini, Holly met a man of unprecedented beauty – Theo, a man of the Greek shipping industry – and was lovestruck. They fell for each other and got married in a flash, but Holly was tired of living fear of being a dumped by her playboy husband, so she confessed that she had gone to bed with someone else and left him. Now, after four years of separation, she is finally filing for divorce for one reason or another. But then Theo makes an unexpected proposal. She wants to reunite with him in Barcelona, where they spent a hot honeymoon…