Feb 3, 2014 · Tule Publishing Group · isbn: 978-1940296210

United Kingdom

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Writing The Bestseller: Romantic and Commercial Fiction

(English (UK) edition — view American edition)

Is there a great book in you? Or several great books?

Writing the Bestseller offers practical advice and wisdom from a dozen successful authors who have sold hundreds of thousands of books, experiencing all the ups and downs of the publishing industry. What to do, what not to do, as romance and commercial fiction have their own rules.

Writing the Bestseller doesn’t sugar-coat the work involved. Instead, authors who’ve been there tell you how to understand the genre and reader expectations. The rewards of writing a bestseller are worth the effort, and these authors share what they’ve learned over the years so you, too, can succeed in today’s competitive market.

“A master class in writing compelling and unforgettable fiction. Writing the Bestseller deserves a spot right beside your keyboard…” – Elizabeth Boyle, NYT bestselling author of Love Letter from a Duke and If Wishes Were Earls.

Featuring Megan’s essay (originally delivered as a plenary address at the Romance Writers of New Zealand Conference in 2013 and adapted only slightly here), “Heroines Don’t Take Potty Breaks: Six Secrets to Building the Bestselling Novel.”