Jan 23, 2024 · Mills & Boon · isbn: 978-1335593207

United Kingdom

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Wedding Night in the King's Bed

(English (UK) edition of Wedding Night in the King’s Bed)

His Majesty requires an untouched bride…
But can duty ever become love?

Virginal Helene Archibald knows she’s destined for an arranged marriage. So, when her father declares she’ll be given to a king in a loveless union, she accepts it as fate.

But Helene is unprepared for King Gianluca San Felice, and the wild fire that awakens at the sight of him! She is undone by the craving that consumes them on their wedding night. But outside the royal bedchamber, Gianluca remains ice-cold – dare Helene believe their chemistry is enough to bring this powerful ruler to his knees?