Aug 13, 2015 · Mills & Boon · isbn: 978-0263249095

United Kingdom

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Traded to the Desert Sheikh

(English (UK) edition — view American edition)
Book 2 of the Scandalous Sheikh Brides

“You belong to me.” 

In the desert, Sheikh Kavian’s word is law. So the defiance of his promised queen, Amaya, who flees after their betrothal ceremony, is intolerable! Kavian’s already tasted her sweetness—perhaps his reluctant bride-to-be needs reminding of the pleasure he can give…

Once Amaya is back in his kingdom, Kavian commands her total sensual surrender in the secluded harem baths. Amaya fears such all-consuming lust makes her weak, but she’s proven she can match his desire. Kavian needs a queen who can endure everything about him—can Amaya face his dark past and embrace her desert destiny?