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United Kingdom

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The Cowboy's Forbidden Bride

(English (UK) edition of The Cowboy’s Forbidden Bride)
Book 2 of the Careys of Cowboy Point

Wilder Carey has always enjoyed living up to his name. When he spots pretty Cat Lisle in the seediest bar around, he ignores the bad blood between their families to step in. But his uncharacteristic good intentions scatter when she kisses him—and this unrepentant heartbreaker faces three uncomfortable truths:

1. He’s been nursing an attraction to an innocent.
2. He’s not a man built to resist temptation.
3. And Cat is not only not the little girl he’s been pretending she is, she might be the one woman worth the trouble.

Cat’s over being well-behaved, but thanks to her grumpy and overprotective older brothers, she’s had no choice. Now that she’s ready to ruin her reputation, she lucks into an encounter with the cowboy of her hottest fantasies. And Cat knows she’s supposed to avoid the Carey family, but Wilder is everything deliciously naughty and if she doesn’t take her shot, she’ll regret it forever…

Soon Wilder is secretly teaching her every sexy trick he knows, and Cat is falling in love… but what happens when sworn enemies want to go public?