Apr 2, 2009 · Quercus · isbn: 978-1847247544

United Kingdom

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Names My Sisters Call Me

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Courtney’s boyfriend has just gone down on one knee and asked her to be his wife. She couldn’t be happier. And with her super-organised sister, Norah, to help her plan the wedding, what could possibly go wrong? Nothing, until Courtney decides their other sister, Raine, should be invited. No one has seen or heard from Raine for six years – since she ruined Norah’s own wedding and ran off with the love of Courtney’s life.

Convinced they should all be able to move on after so much time, Courtney gets the sisters back together again only to find that family ghosts aren’t easily vanquished – and neither are first loves. Reuniting her family is going to make Courtney reconsider every decision she’s made for the last six years – right down to the man she’s about to marry. It’s going to be one long summer…