Nov 21, 2014 · Mills & Boon · isbn: 978-0263909234

United Kingdom

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His for Revenge

(English (UK) edition — view American edition)
Book 2 of the Vows of Convenience

The marriage game…

Walking down the aisle toward striking but cold CEO Chase Whitaker was never meant to be Zara Elliot‘s fate. But to safeguard the family business, she’ll have to play along…

Chase is only interested in one thing—his own dark game of revenge against Zara’s father. The one thing he hadn’t counted on? Zara’s charm and natural beauty unsettling his rock-hard defenses.

But their wedding night proves to be a game changer, and they both realize they’re in over their heads. Losing is never an option for Chase… but winning suddenly takes on a very different meaning!