May 1, 2015 · Mills & Boon · isbn: 978-0263253344

United Kingdom

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Greek's Last Redemption

(English (UK) edition of Greek’s Last Redemption)
Book 2 of the Tsoukatos Brothers

Returning to the marriage bed

Waiting outside her estranged husband’s lavish office, ready to demand a divorce, Holly Tsoukatos can’t remember ever being so scared. Not even when she told Theo the words that destroyed their union.

Seeing Holly again, Theo hates how much he still desires her. If she wants to talk, he’ll choose the venue: The Chatsfield, Barcelona, where they spent their honeymoon!

Being so close again is delicious torture. Holly might have fled their all-consuming chemistry once before, but this time, Theo won’t let her run away so easily…

Welcome to The Chatsfield, Barcelona!