July 23, 2024

Pregnant Princess Bride

It’s one night only…
until the royal pregnancy test turns positive!

Attending Valentino Bonaparte’s convenient wedding is torture for Princess Carliz. Years ago, she shared an incandescent kiss with the brooding Italian – she’s craved more ever since. When the ceremony is called off, they finally get the chance to surrender to their wildest temptations. But in the morning, Valentino still walks away…

Three months after their passionate night wrecked her forever, Carliz must tell Valentino he left her with more than a broken heart – she’s expecting his baby! And he’s determined his heir will not be illegitimate…

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August 20, 2024

Forbidden Royal Vows

The Queen’s choice:
Her kingdom…or her heart?

It’s just another royal reception for composed Queen Emilia. Until Mila’s eyes lock with those of Caius Candriano, infamous billionaire playboy – and the husband she’s hidden from the world!

Mila wed Caius in secret when she was just a princess – his wild reputation made their chemistry deliciously off-limits. After unexpectedly inheriting the crown, Mila buried her marriage along with her other emotions. But Caius is back to claim the queen he’s never stopped wanting. Mila can’t deny him again, but will giving into forbidden desires destroy her…or be the best mistake of her life?

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August 27, 2024

Truly Madly Magically

Book 3 in the Witchlore Series

A witch cursed to tell the truth, and the man who won’t let her lie to herself anymore…

Cursed by her own mother to always tell the truth and one of the only half-witches around, Ellowyn Good has never considered herself an equal part of the Riverwood coven. But when the evil ruling coven of the witching world targets her directly, she begins to wonder why they want her gone.

She’ll need to work with her newly formed coven to survive, which includes dealing with her first love, past wreckage and a whole new complication she didn’t see coming. With their fates in the balance, Ellowyn will have to learn to trust Zander again—or be doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. Assuming they all survive the Joywood’s latest bid for absolute power over the witching world…

“An absolute delight of a magical tale.” —Louisa Morgan, author of The Age of Witches
Hazel Beck is the pen name for two authors (Megan and Nicole Helm) writing together. Find out more.

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September 5, 2024

The Cowboy’s Forbidden Bride

Book 2 in the Careys of Cowboy Point Series

Wilder Carey has always enjoyed living up to his name. When he spots pretty Cat Lisle in the seediest bar around, he ignores the bad blood between their families to step in. But his uncharacteristic good intentions scatter when she kisses him—and this unrepentant heartbreaker faces three uncomfortable truths:

1. He’s been nursing an attraction to an innocent.
2. He’s not a man built to resist temptation.
3. And Cat is not only not the little girl he’s been pretending she is, she might be the one woman worth the trouble.

Cat’s over being well-behaved, but thanks to her grumpy and overprotective older brothers, she’s had no choice. Now that she’s ready to ruin her reputation, she lucks into an encounter with the cowboy of her hottest fantasies. And Cat knows she’s supposed to avoid the Carey family, but Wilder is everything deliciously naughty and if she doesn’t take her shot, she’ll regret it forever…

Soon Wilder is secretly teaching her every sexy trick he knows, and Cat is falling in love… but what happens when sworn enemies want to go public?

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October 22, 2024

Greek’s Christmas Heir

‘Twas the night before Christmas
And he’ll marry her before morning!

 It’s Christmas Eve and the irony of being both a virgin and heavily pregnant is not lost on nursery-school teacher Constance Jones. The arrival of Anax Ignatios, wildly attractive Greek tycoon, throws her world into chaos; he’s the father of her IVF baby – and he’s demanding they wed!

Anax never wanted to continue the darkness of the Ignatios legacy. Yet his heir growing up without stability is unthinkable. Their lives inextricably tangled, he’ll keep his new wife and daughter safe and firmly by his side…in Greece!

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December 24, 2024

Greek’s Enemy Bride

Part of the Notorious Mediterranean Marriages Series

From stepmother…
to inherited bride!

For Greek tycoon Apostolis Adriankis, marrying his father’s young widow is inconceivable. Yet the clause in the will is watertight; if he wants his birthright, they must wed. So, despite their charged animosity, innocent beauty Jolie Gerard is now his enemy…and his wife.

Forced into convenient marriage with the man who despises her most, Jolie can’t believe the sparks between her and Apostolis are anything but burning hatred. Until one touch from her husband ignites a blaze neither can deny. They married for family legacy, but will their scorching desire save it…or turn everything to ash?

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February 25, 2025

Carrying A Sicilian Secret

Part of the Notorious Mediterranean Marriages Series

The secret consequence…
of a dangerous passion!

Alceu Vaccaro should never have touched Dioni Adrianakis. It’s not just that he lost control and rid his best friend’s sister of her innocence. He broke his vow to ensure his despicable bloodline ended with him. Because Dioni is secretly pregnant with his heir…

Before Alceu, Dioni spent a lifetime silencing her own desires. No more. He can demand they marry for their son, but she won’t accept being the Sicilian’s wife in name only. And to close the distance Alceu insists is for her protection, she must stoke the wildfire tearing through them both…

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February 25, 2025

The Cowboy’s Secret Babies

Book 3 in the Careys of Cowboy Point Series

Ryder Carey has known Rosie Stark their whole lives, including one very hot night three years ago—but he’s always been about the rodeo. Finally back home and ready to make it up to her, he takes one look at Rosie—and her twin boys who look just like him—and realizes the truth.

When Rosie found out she was pregnant, she figured Ryder would at least come and say hello when he was home the next time so she could tell him. But he never did.

So she’s made her own life as a single mom, no thanks to him.

Now Ryder is back. And he has the nerve to be furious with her.

He’s determined to be a father to his kids—and more than happy to fight about it. In court if necessary. Or anywhere else, which feels a little too much like those sparks she remembers from Texas and wants nothing to do with now. Or does she?

Maybe she wants to fight with him…

But Ryder has a better idea: she could marry him instead.

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Coming Summer 2025

The Cowboy’s Best Friend

Book 4 in the Careys of Cowboy Point Series

Book 4 in the delicious Careys of Cowboy Point series, this time featuring Boone Carey!

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Coming Christmas 2025

A Christmas Baby for the Cowboy

Book 5 in the Careys of Cowboy Point Series
Temporary cover coming soon from Megan Crane

More info will be posted soon! Check back here, or subscribe to get notified.

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Temporary cover coming soon from Megan Crane