What’s the difference between SERIES and CONNECTED STORIES?

If you regularly read Caitlin’s Harlequins, you’ll be familiar with books that are linked through brothers or other family members or settings, and sometimes include books by other authors. Megan’s Montana books have similar connections.  You can read any book in these linked sets in any order, and the other(s) will only enhance what you already know, as there are rarely any plot lines that continue from book to book or require that readers read them in a certain order.

These are listed here as CONNECTED STORIES.

Megan’s Alaska Force books and Caitlin’s Cold River Ranch books are examples of continuing series.  You can read the books in any order you like, of course, but there are overarching plot lines and character developments that were planned out in a certain, chronological order.  For continuity junkies, this means starting at book one and reading in order.  (But you do you.)

These are listed here as SERIES.

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